Babysitter Certification Workshop 


Babysitter Boot Camp Workshop $59

The Babysitter Boot Camp® workshop is designed to get your boys and girls ready for the exciting responsibilities of being a superstar babysitter! If your teenager wants to earn their own money, learn to be independent, gain respect and begin building a reputation for being professional then enroll them in the Babysitter Boot Camp® workshop and get them ready for their first job!
The Babysitter Boot Camp® workshop provides soon-to-be-babysitters with everything they need to find gainful babysitting jobs by marketing themselves in a professional and productive manner. Participants in the workshop will create their own flyers and begin planning business cards, client interviews and entertainment options for children.
Participants will learn to watch out for safety issues and deal with fussy children; as well, new babysitters will become comfortable in dealing with basic first aid and keeping children safe during an emergency. Just because your teenager is older now does not mean they will be a great babysitter – give them the confidence and knowledge to go out there and be a great babysitter.
Giving your children the proper tools to be successful in their first business venture will follow them throughout their lifetime. Learning about responsibility, accountability, time management, and emergency management will get them started on the right foot. Register your teenager for an upcoming Babysitter Boot Camp® and get ready to watch them blossom into fun-loving, out-going babysitters!

Babysitter Boot Camp 3 hour Workshop

Instructor – Christine Neely

Babysitter Boot Camp Pro $99

Babysitter Boot Camp® Certification
American Heart Association Heartsaver 2 Year CPR/AED Certification
American Heart Association Heartsaver 2 Year First Aid Certification

The Babysitter Boot Camp® PRO workshop is created for the babysitter that wants to be totally prepared for all babysitting changes. In the PRO workshop, babysitters receive the Babysitter Boot Camp® training in addition to an American Heart First Aid and CPR/AED full two-year certification.

The Babysitter Boot Camp® program teaches Boys and Girls ages 10 -17 how to earn their own money, learn the basics of business, gain respect and begin building a reputation for being professional and responsible.

The Babysitter Boot Camp® workshop provides soon-to-be-babysitters and Mother Helpers with everything they need to be a confident, safe and effective babysitter. Participants learn interviewing the parent, reviewing house rules, understanding bedtimes, snacks, homework, friends, TV, games plus an array of expectations.

In additions to safety issues and dealing with fussy children, Babysitter Boot Camp® PRO students learn how to SAVE A LIFE.

  • Professionalism, Etiquette, Preparedness
  • Safety, First Aid, CPR, Emergency
  • Business, Responsibility, Marketing
  • Diapers, Age Appropriate Games, Certification 
  • Fun


6 Hour Class