Babysitter Training Course in Five Points, Georgia

Become a babysitter that is trained and start your own babysitting business!

Want to earn money while and creating a true business on your own? Considering becoming a babysitter? Babysitter training courses in Five Points can help you understand everything you Want to know to be a successful babysitter.

If you are thinking about starting as a Babysitter, but don’t know where to begin, look no farther than Babysitter Boot Camp®!

Babysitter Boot Camp® Instructors in Five Points, will help you get organized and educate you much more and all of this.

Presenting Babysitter Boot Camp® near Five Points, GA

How to Be More Independent

If you need to show your parents that you are prepared for responsibility before you head out to be a teenage baby sitter, we help you make a plan for doing around the home and getting more independent.

Learn How to Organize Your New Five Points Business Venture for Success

Preparing a business is no small feat, however it can be made more simple when you have the proper steps to follow and understand what to do . Since this will be your business, you’ll want to be certain that you have all the ideal info that will help you be successful.

Market Your Five Points Babysitting Business

How to Market and Advertise Your Five Points Babysitting Business

Your new business is just as good as your Advertising and marketing skills to get the word out. We show you how to do this and to talk to people about what you’re offering for parents.

How to Establish Your Pricing and Interview Parents for Five Points Babysitting Job Opportunities

One of the hardest things for new babysitters to do is put their prices. If you are feeling unsure of what to charge or how to
go about finding out what other babysitters charge, we’ll show you how you can set your base prices and the way to create add-ons to earn more money.

How to Create and Distribute Flyers, Business Cards and Social Networking

Included in our marketing instruction, We’ll show you how to structure flyers for your local Five Points bulletin boards to use social Media (together with your own parents or in your own), the way to make and distribute business cards, and the way to utilize your network and your parents network to get Five Points babysitting jobs with a lot.

Learn The Following Skills

How to Keep Children Entertained and Safe While Adults are Off

One of the most important parts of a successful babysitter is ensuring that children so are having a fantastic time while you’re babysitting them and are safe. You’ll never run short on ideas of how to keep kids amused in Five Points with our Babysitter Boot Camp ® Training.

How to Deal with Fussy Children, Infants, and Older Children

In an Ideal world, babysitting are an Simple task, but sometimes you’ll need to deal with children, sick children, or fussy children who simply won’t listen. Do not let this discourage you. We’ll show you how you can handle many different situations so that you don’t feel overwhelmed.

How to Handle and Respond to Emergencies

You’ll Get a Whole Lot of safety training Since we believe in safety inside Babysitter Boot Camp ®. In order to Do a fantastic job as a babysitter, you have to make sure that everyone is safe. In The event of an accident or emergency, you will have the skills and Confidence you need to respond appropriately and make certain you have the help you need.

React to Emergencies Properly

How to Perform First Aid and Things To Do More, Allergic Reactions, Choking Emergencies and During Fires!

Anything can happen. That is why we make certain You are prepared with a good base in first aid training. Every Atlanta babysitter needs to have first aid skills. We go above and beyond and give you AED training, CPR training and first aid training so that you feel confident in your ability to react during a crisis.

In-person training classes offer you the chance to ask questions and interact with other people in Five Points who would like to be babysitters and get the skills you want to be successful.

Daytime Childcare Businesses Near Five Points

Five Points is a district of Atlanta, Georgia, United States, the primary reference for the downtown area.

The name refers to the convergence of Marietta Street, Edgewood Avenue, Decatur Street, and two legs of Peachtree Street (the south-southwestern leg was originally Whitehall Street, before a section of Whitehall was renamed as an extension of Peachtree Street to give businesses south of Five Points the prestige of a Peachtree Street address). Five Points is usually considered by Atlantans to be the center of town, and it is the origin of the street addressing system for the city and county, although four of the streets (except Edgewood) are rotated at least 30° clockwise from their nominal directions, along with the rest of the downtown street grid.

Woodruff Park is on the northeast corner of the intersection, between Peachtree Street and Edgewood Avenue. The Five Points MARTA station is one block south of the intersection on Peachtree Street.

A large round Coca-Cola sign overlooks Five Points, atop the Olympia Building on the east side of the intersection between Edgewood Avenue and Decatur Avenue. The nearly 50-foot tall sign has a 33-foot lighted neon face and faces up and down Peachtree Street. A lighted portion at the bottom of the sign gives the current time and temperature.

At the other corners of Five Points are located: Woodruff Park (northeast); the William-Oliver Building (northwest); Georgia State University’s Andrew Young School of Policy Studies (southwest); and a parking garage (southeast). On a triangular island in the intersection stands the George Beasley sculpture Five Points Monument, alluding to the water tower formerly standing on the spot as well as the streetcar tracks that once existed in the intersection.

Prior to the arrival of white settlers, Five Points was the intersection of two Creek Indian trails, the Pitch Tree (corrupted to Peachtree) Trail and the Sandtown Trail. In 1845, George Washington Collier opened a grocery store at what is now Five Points, and the store later served as Atlanta’s first post office in 1846. In 1848, Five Points served as the location of Atlanta’s first mayoral election. Moses Formwalt became Atlanta’s first mayor, defeating Jonathan Norcross. In 1875, Atlanta’s drinking water system began with the construction of three artesian wells at Five Points. The system delivered water to Atlanta’s residents via wooden pipes.

Until the 1960s, Five Points represented the central hub of Atlanta. With the advent of urban sprawl, white flight, and the development of shopping malls, the economic and demographic center of Atlanta shifted northward, and Five Points went into decay. By the 21st century, the area was revitalizing, mostly due to the expansion of Georgia State University, which maintains a large footprint in Five Points.

Coordinates: 33°45′16″N 84°23′23″W / 33.75432°N 84.38979°W / 33.75432; -84.38979

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