Babysitter Boot Camp® and First Aid Training

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Babysitter Boot Camp® workshop is designed to get your child ready for the exciting responsibilities of being a superstar babysitter! If your child wants to earn their own money, learn the basics of business, gain respect and begin building a reputation for being professional and responsible, then enroll them in the Babysitter Boot Camp® workshop and get them started in their first business!
Designed for Boys and Girls ages 10 -17, the Babysitter Boot Camp® workshop provides soon-to-be-babysitters and Mother Helpers with everything they need to be a confident, safe and effective babysitter.

Participants learn an outline to interviewing the parent to review house rules including bedtimes, snacks, homework, friends, TV, games plus an array of expectations.
In additions to safety issues and deal with fussy children, new babysitters will become comfortable in dealing with basic CPR/AED, First Aid; nose bleeds, sprains, cuts, bees stings, burns and keeping children safe during an emergency.

Giving your child the proper tools to be successful in their first business venture will follow them throughout their lifetime. Learning about responsibility, accountability, etiquette, time management, and emergency management will get them started on the right foot. Register your child for an upcoming Babysitter Boot Camp® and get ready to watch them blossom into fun-loving, out-going babysitters!

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First Aid

Business Matters
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First Aid
Accidents of all kinds occur around us every day without a warning. That is why each and every person should train for first aid. You never know when the situation that requires you to apply these skills will present its self. It may be at home, work place, on the streets or anywhere else. In most cases you can save a can save a life by just learning this simple course. You never know whose life you will save could be of your family member, your brother, mother, kid etc. it could be a friend or even a stranger who will remain grateful to you for the rest on their lives.
Our online first aid course is available to all people irrespective of whether you have medical training or not. Our training and certification are recognized both locally and internationally. Our program is in line with the needs of the workplace, schools, professional rescuers, healthcare providers and responders the general public included. This course is also suitable for youngsters.
Our online course requires self-initiative. It makes use of interactive session as well as demonstrative videos. Since first aid is a covers a wide range of things our course is very comprehensive.

The first aid course covers the following areas:

• First aid basics
• Injury emergencies
• Environmental emergencies
• Medical emergencies

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