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Create Your Own 1, 2 or 3 Day Camp Program

Learning babysitting skills is not just about changing diapers! In Babysitter Boot Camp® participants learn the business of being a good babysitter through safety skills, etiquette, marketing, choosing age appropriate games, fun activities, and knowing what parents are looking for when they hire a babysitter. Participants earn Babysitter Certification and are trained in Safety, CPR, First Aid and Emergency situations. This is a great workshop for older siblings watching younger, camp counselors, neighborhood babysitters, children coming home from school alone, and Girl & Boy Scouts.

Participants with earn:
Babysitter Boot Camp Certification
American Heart Association CPR and CED Certification
American Heart Association First Aid Certification

Babysitter Boot Camp teaches Infant, and Child Safety, Basic Life Saving Skills including adult/child CPR, signs of choking, how to help a choking victim, basic First  Aid, how to activate and phone your (EMS) Emergency Response Number (911), and  Age Appropriate Toys and Games.


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