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Franchise Opportunities Available for Babysitter Boot Camp®


Did you know? We’re looking for people to teach in-person babysitter training programs throughout the United States. If you’re interested in a one-of-a-kind business opportunity to help children build independence and valuable life skills, a Babysitter Boot Camp® Franchise may be right for you.

What are the Benefits of Owning a Franchise?


We actually offer three business opportunities in one.  Babysitter Boot Camp®, teaching kids the business of Babysitting.  Home Alone Boot Camp®, teaching kids who leave the house after the parents or get home from school before the parents to be safe at home and the Internet.  And CPR & First Aid Certification to Scouts, Camp Counselors, life guards and anyone needing certification.  Three great profit centers in one franchise package.  

At Babysitter Boot Camp®, we train you everything you need to know to start and run your own successful in-person training program helping kids become babysitters. We work closely with our franchisees to help them build a solid foundation for success and provide ongoing support to ensure you’re making the most of your franchise opportunity. Babysitter Boot Camp® is a rewarding as you guide children ages 10 -16 in learning life lessons. They love the program and you will love teaching them.

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Financial Information

Franchise Fee: $3,195 

Royalty Fee:  $49 / Month or 5%


The Training Process

At Babysitter Boot Camp®, we provide you with all the training you need to start, run and grow your new training business. Training kids to become babysitters is a rewarding and interesting business choice and you’ll find our training answers all of your questions.

When you sign on to become a franchisee, you’ll have the option to complete your training online with our virtual franchisee training program or you can visit the beautiful city of Atlanta to complete your training.

After you complete our franchisee training, you’ll be ready to open your own Babysitter Boot Camp® training business, but you won’t be alone. For additional income sources you will also be able to offer Home Alone Boot Camp® training and CPR and First Aid Certifications.

Why Join the Babysitter Boot Camp® Family of Franchisees?

Home-based Business Model

Our home-based business model means low overhead, low risk and low start-up costs for franchisees. You can run your entire business from your home, rent local spaces, train groups offsite in their home or work with schools, community centers, churches and more.

Flexible Hours

Whether you want to build a full-time business or want something to keep you busy on weekends, a Babysitter Boot Camp® Training Business could be right for you if you like working with children and want to help kids become more independent and self-sufficient. Teaching life skills, babysitting skills, as well as first aid and safety skills is at the core of our training. You can help make a difference – and build your own business – in just a few hours a week.

Multiple Income Streams and High Profit Margins

 With our Multiple offering, you can earn income teaching Babysitter Boot Camp®, Home Alone Boot Camp® and CPR and First Aid Certifications.  You won’t have to invest a lot to get a lot out of your business. There are many ways you can build income streams for your Babysitter Boot Camp® business. When you become a franchisee, we’ll train you on all of our business models and show you how to jumpstart your training career.

High-demand Industry

Most kids have babysitters, at one point or another, throughout their lives. Babysitting is a lucrative career for young people and it provides a great first business venture for them to look back and be proud of. As their instructor, you’ll have the opportunity to train countless kids to become babysitters and provide ongoing support and training in a variety of forms to them. You will help new babysitters be prepared for babysitting and providing safe, fun and effective care to the children they are watching.

High ROI for Your Money

There are only a few franchise opportunities out there with such a low startup cost and where you can make back your investment and just a few transactions. Babysitter Boot Camp® is designed to be affordable, accessible, and value to you and your students. We’ve built profit into the business model for you. All you have to do is follow the steps, find the clients, and you’ll be on your way!

Proven, Flexible Business Opportunity

At Babysitter Boot Camp® we know that everyone who starts their own business wants to have freedom and flexibility so we don’t put harsh restrictions on what you can and can’t do in your business. We give you the tools, training and support you need and provide you with an outlet for your training business to succeed.

As a franchisee, you’ll also have access to our affiliate program for our virtual training package. You’ll be able to build your training business in your area.

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