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Business Opportunity and Instructor Training Available for Babysitter Boot Camp®


babysitter business opportunity


Welcome to Babysitter Boot Camp®, where we offer an exciting alternative to traditional franchises. Unlike franchises that come with stringent regulations and hefty financial commitments, our business opportunity provides you with the freedom and flexibility to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams with minimal upfront investment. With no ongoing royalties or fees, faster startup times, and a personalized support system tailored to your needs, our business opportunity empowers you to chart your own path to success. Explore the unique advantages of our opportunity and discover why it’s the perfect choice for aspiring entrepreneurs looking for a more flexible and lucrative path to business ownership.

We’re searching for individuals interested in teaching in-person babysitter training programs across the United States. If you’re intrigued by a unique business opportunity centered on empowering children with independence and essential life skills, consider the Babysitter Boot Camp® Business Opportunity.

What Sets Us Apart?

At Babysitter Boot Camp®, we equip you with all the tools and knowledge necessary to kickstart and manage your own successful in-person training program aimed at empowering children to become capable babysitters. We prioritize closely collaborating with our business partners, ensuring they establish a strong foundation for success. Plus, our ongoing support ensures you make the most out of this fulfilling business opportunity.

What’s Special About Us?

Babysitter Boot Camp® isn’t just about teaching; it’s about making a difference. Guiding children aged 10-16 through our programs imparts valuable life lessons, fostering their growth and confidence. The kids adore the program, and you’ll relish the joy of teaching them.

Join us in this fulfilling journey and discover the unparalleled advantages of our business opportunity. Together, let’s empower the next generation with invaluable skills and knowledge.

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Business Development for More Information

Babysitter Boot Camp® Instructor Training Information

Instructor Training Membership Starting at: $499


Instructor Quick Start Package Includes:

Training and Marketing Material:

  • BBC Training PowerPoint
  • BBC Instructor Teaching Video
  • Babysitter Boot Camp Web  Listing
  • Social Media Setup Content
  • Flyer Template

Initial Supplies:

  • BBC Training Manual
  • 10 BBC Student Manual
  • 10 BBC Student Certificate
  • 10 BBC Student Cinch Bags
  • 10 BBC Wristbands
  • Instructor Shirt


Why Join the Babysitter Boot Camp® Family?

Home-based Business Model

Our home-based business model means low overhead, low risk and low start-up costs for franchisees. You can run your entire business from your home, rent local spaces, train groups offsite in their home or work with schools, community centers, churches and more.

Flexible Hours

Whether you want to build a full-time business or want something to keep you busy on weekends, a Babysitter Boot Camp® Training Business could be right for you if you like working with children and want to help kids become more independent and self-sufficient. Teaching life skills, babysitting skills, as well as first aid and safety skills is at the core of our training. You can help make a difference – and build your own business – in just a few hours a week.

Multiple Income Streams and High Profit Margins

 With our Multiple offering, you can earn income teaching Babysitter Boot Camp®, Home Alone Boot Camp® and CPR and First Aid Certifications.  You won’t have to invest a lot to get a lot out of your business. There are many ways you can build income streams for your Babysitter Boot Camp® business. We’ll train you on all of our business models and show you how to jumpstart your training career.

High-demand Industry

Most kids have babysitters, at one point or another, throughout their lives. Babysitting is a lucrative career for young people and it provides a great first business venture for them to look back and be proud of. As their instructor, you’ll have the opportunity to train countless kids to become babysitters and provide ongoing support and training in a variety of forms to them. You will help new babysitters be prepared for babysitting and providing safe, fun and effective care to the children they are watching.

High ROI for Your Money

There are only a few franchise opportunities out there with such a low startup cost and where you can make back your investment and just a few transactions. Babysitter Boot Camp® is designed to be affordable, accessible, and value to you and your students. We’ve built profit into the business model for you. All you have to do is follow the steps, find the clients, and you’ll be on your way!

Proven, Flexible Business Opportunity

At Babysitter Boot Camp® we know that everyone who starts their own business wants to have freedom and flexibility so we don’t put harsh restrictions on what you can and can’t do in your business. We give you the tools, training and support you need and provide you with an outlet for your training business to succeed.

As a Babysitter Boot Camp trainer, you’ll also have access to our affiliate program for our virtual training package. You’ll be able to build your training business in your area.

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