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Franchise Opportunity

Babysitter Boot Camp® is undertaking a nation wide expansion. We are enrolling and training Babysitter Boot Camp Facilitators and Instructors nation wide.
This program gives you the opportunity to teach students to learn to be a safe, prepared, fun and business savvy babysitter.

Certified facilitator with our organization you’ll gain access to our unique training materials and learn the tricks of the trade to teach youth and teenagers to be better prepared for their first jobs: babysitting! Do you remember how scary it was to go on your first babysitting gig? Wouldn’t it have been nice to have training and a formula for success? Enroll in our facilitator development program and discover how to interact with youth and teenagers and how to engage them for success; learn about principles of learning and identify your own learning style!

  • Babysitting Skills
  • Safety
  • First Aid
  • CPR
  • Emergency
  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Certification Certificate
    and much more

Learn to teach kids to be safe, prepared, fun and business savvy babysitters

Who Should Become a Babysitter Boot Camp ® Instructor?

Remember what it was like to earn money from your first babysitting gig? It was so exciting, wasn’t it? You were out there, making money for yourself, and the world suddenly opened up for you. Babysitting is a great way for young people to learn valuable life skills, become business savvy, and earn a decent wage while having a hand in the growth and development of the children they are babysitting. It’s so much more than just sitting on the couch watching television, and you know that. That’s why you want to teach young people to become amazing babysitters! That’s why you want to give them the skills and knowledge they need to take ownership of their babysitting business, get the word out there, and start earning money right away. If you love working with young people, and if you love to teach people new things, consider becoming a Babysitter Boot Camp ® Instructor.

What Will You Learn as an Instructor?

The Babysitter Boot Camp ® Instructor Workshop provides you with everything you need to run a successful babysitter training session. You’ll learn how to create engaging learning opportunities that teach young people how to become a superstar babysitter! You’ll learn how to teach your students how to earn their own money, learn to be more independent, gain respect and a notable reputation while building a business of their very own.

The workshop is jampacked with tons of useful tools and information that you will need to train soon-to-be-babysitters. You’ll gain insight into what babysitters need to know to market themselves in a professional manner, how to create flyers and other marketing materials to promote their businesses, and how to interview with potential clients to start building their business.

Because babysitting is also about having tons of fun, we’ll show you how to train babysitters on activities and entertainment options for keeping children happy and safe while their parents are away from home. You’ll learn how to instill confidence into young people so they can go out there and create an amazing babysitting business for themselves.

Finally, you’ll also learn how to market your own Babysitter Boot Camp ® Workshops so that you can train young people to become effective babysitters. We’ll teach you how to identify and target your ideal audience to fill seats at your workshops. Students typically range from aged 10-17 and are interested in being a safe and responsible babysitter. We’ll show you how you can build lasting relationships with organizations such as the Boys Scouts and Girl Scouts of America, how you can work with high schools and middle schools to create a flow of participants for your workshops, and how you can offer combination or short courses for various community groups, churches and other organizations where young people are associated.

You’ll receive lots of training materials and step-by-step instructors on how to run an effective training session with your students. These materials include training presentations, class enrollment sheets, and an instructor manual for running your programs.

What Will You Teach as a Babysitter Boot Camp ® Instructor?

Once you have successfully completed the Babysitter Boot Camp ® Instructor Workshop, you’ll be ready to start training young people to be the best babysitters around! You will run training sessions on safety and what to do in the event of an emergency, including first aid and CPR training. You’ll teach babysitters how to deal with children who are less than agreeable and how to keep them entertained while parents are away. This training includes choosing age appropriate toys, games and activities. You’ll teach babysitters about professionalism, babysitting etiquette, interviewing potential clients, meeting the children, marketing and collecting payment, building their business and more.
As an instructor, you’ll enjoy teaching young people how to become great babysitters, and you’ll learn a lot about your students throughout the training sessions. You’ll be able to share tips on time management, accountability, how to be prepared, and how to take responsibility for their actions, the children and more.

You’ll teach all of your soon-to-be-babysitters the following lifesaving skills:

● infant and child safety
● child and adult CPR
● recognize the signs of choking and how to help
● how to activate EMS (911)
● how to keep children calm during an emergency
And every babysitter who takes a workshop will get:
● workshop handbook
● sample forms for parent interviews, parent checklists, and parent reports
● an address book to keep clients organized
● a certificate of completion

How Can You Become a Babysitter Boot Camp ® Instructor?

Becoming a Babysitter Boot Camp ® Instructor is a fun and rewarding way to help today’s youth develop into independent and business savvy adults. Becoming an instructor for the Babysitter Boot Camp ® requires signing up for one of our local workshops, or registering for our online course. Contact us today to enroll in our next Babysitter Boot Camp ® Instructor Workshop. We can’t wait to meet you!

About CPR Training School

Our Babysitter Boot Camp ® offers effective and important training to young people who want to become babysitters to earn extra money, become more responsible, and learn to build a business of their own. We take pride in offering a full range of training products including first aid and CPR for adults, children and infants. As we continue to grow and expand our program offering, we are poised to become the leading providers for national instructor training programs for the Babysitter Boot Camp ® across America. We are focused on safety first, and ensure all of our babysitters, babysitter instructors and babysitter instructor-trainers are well informed and ready to take on any task. CPR Training School provides ongoing support to its instructors and instructor-trainers by providing them training outlines, equipment use guides, marketing and advertising advice, vendor relations information, licensing information, project planning, planned conventions and ongoing support.

This program is a great opportunity to add classes and a camp that is high demand in our community. The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts service units would utilize this program for scout’s achievements of badges and it would give other residents the education to become safe, fun and well-trained babysitters.

You are instructed on how to teach:

  • Infant and child safety.
  • To offer a program that teaches basic life-saving skills; including adult/child CPR, signs of choking, how to help a choking victim, First Aid and how to activate and phone EMS (911).
  • To become a fun babysitter by choosing age appropriate toys, games and activities.
  • To teach participants how to speak with adults and negotiate rates.
  • Step by Step Actions and Re-actions.

Target Participants:

  • Program offered to Boys and Girls Ages 10-17
  • Residents interested in learning to be a safe and effective babysitter.
  • Middle and High School Students
  • Boy Scout and Girl Scout Troops

Instructor Materials:
All training presentations required for Facilitators to teach Babysitter Boot Camp classes are detailed in the Instructor training and provided in manuals and presentation form.

Are you a natural leader and find yourself encouraging young people to be the best they can be? Do you mentor or want to mentor others to become more prepared for life and learn how to be responsible? Interested in teaching others about safety and working with youth to create goals and learn new skills? Then why not become a certified facilitator for Babysitter Boot Camp® and learn everything you need to help others become successful babysitters!

Discover a side of yourself you may not have know existed: your outgoing side! Everyone can be a facilitator if they are properly prepared and our facilitator development program does just that: prepares you for delivering our fantastic training program!   Don’t wait! Take the Next Step.

We look forward to working with you at our next Babysitter Boot Camp ® Instructor Workshop!

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